Apollo Root Cause Analysis™ Facilitator Training – 24 & 25 July – €835

Apollo Root Cause Analysis™ Facilitator Training  – 24 & 25 July – €835


202-T Apollo RCA™ for Facilitator


Subject Area:  Provides Advanced Knowledge and Skills in Continuous Improvement and RCA.

What is RCA?              Root Cause Analysis

Duration:                     Two(2) Days – 24th and 25th July

Location:                     GreenTech HQ, Enniscorthy Technology Park, Co Wexford, Y21 A9K8

Number of Students:  Minimum 5 participants to maximum of 15.

Pre-requisites:             None


Workshop Description:  This course strengthens the foundations of Effective Problem Solving by providing advanced knowledge and skills utilizing Apollo RCA™ methodology and RC Pro® / RealityCharting® software to help prevent and eliminate problems from reoccurring.


Participants will learn how to:

  •  Avoid ineffective problem-solving.
  • Differentiate between Issue Resolution & Issue Elimination and Prevention.
  • Clearly define any Problem.
  • Develop a Cause & Effect Chart using:
    • RC Pro®/RealityCharting® software or
    • Sticky Notes and Pen.
  • Identify Effective Solutions.
  • Gather evidence or data to support their analysis.
  • Develop and Implement an Action Plan.
  • Facilitate an RCA team.

Workshop will enforce the concept that RCA is a team-based event, and it is critical to include in the analysis a cross functional team.  And most importantly it enforces that we are trying to seek effective solutions not placing blame to help prevent reoccurring problems.


Who Should Attend?

  • All individuals, who lead, facilitate, or get asked to lead RCA.
  • Not limited to shop floor personal, engineers, technicians, or mechanics, facilitators, and incident investigators.
  • Applies to all functions, disciplines, and organizations.


Workshop Objective:

  • Perform Medium or High-Level Analysis
  • Apply the Apollo RCA™ Methodology and RC Pro®/RealityCharting® Software.
  • Lead/Facilitate an Apollo RCA™ with a team of participants.


Workshop Exercises:

 Learning reinforced with “hands-on” exercises – including a “2” hour final exercise – that allow students to apply the Apollo RCA™ process to real world problems and demonstrate their presentation skills.


Workshop Content:

  • Manual: 202 Apollo RCA™ for Facilitator.
  • Certificate: Course Completion Certificate.
  • Memory Jogger: RCA Jogger.
  • eBook: Seven Steps to Effective Problem-Solving by Dean L. Gano.
  • Software: RealityCharting® or RC Pro® (12 month subscription)
  • Online training: RC Coach™ (Optional).
  • Accreditation: Investigator and Facilitator Accreditation (Optional).


Course Contents

  1. Introductions
  2. Define the Problem
  3. The Cause & Effect Principles
  4. Create a Realitychart™
  5. Identify Effective Solutions
  6. Implement & Track Solutions
  7. Group Facilitations
  8. Putting It All Together

Assessment: 20 Question (Optional).


Benefits of the Apollo Root Cause Analysis™ method:

Some of these benefits of the Apollo RCA method include:

  • Prevent problem recurrence
  • Analyse near-misses and safety incidents
  • Identify effective solutions
  • Improve reliability and help develop maintenance plans
  • Identifying possible supply chain interruptions
  • Reinforce quality control
  • Support continuous improvement
  • Facilitate change management
  • Risk identification
  • Reduce environmental impacts
  • Improve performance management


Strengths of the Process:

Strengths of the Apollo RCA method are the manner in which:

  • The problem and its significance are clearly defined
  • The methodology stresses the importance of not placing blame on individuals or groups related to an incident
  • The methodology does not rely on categorisation or pre-conceived ideas
  • The causal relationships are established and understood
  • The evidence is presented to support causes
  • The solutions will prevent recurrence and are agreed upon by the group

The final RCA report outlines the analysis so that others can easily follow the logic that was used


RealityCharting® Software:

 Each course attendee will get access to the RCPro® software for twelve (12) months duration.


RC Pro® facilitates implementation of the Apollo Root Cause Analysis™ methodology and provides comprehensive investigation management features. It gives you a standardized platform to quickly create, escalate, iterate and integrate your analysis into business processes. And it delivers a flexible technology solution that addresses the multiple and varied needs of your organization.

Key Benefits

  •  Reinforces the Apollo RCA Method
  • Excellent Reporting Capabilities
  • Grow and Protect Institutional Memory
  • Group Building capability
  • Develop timelines
  • Common Cause Recognition
  • Assignment tracking
  • Cause and Effect Charting
  • Solution Generation


Meet your Trainer / Facilitator:

The training will be delivered by Gary Tyne, CRL (Director of Pro-Reliability Solutions)

Gary boasts an extensive 33 year-career in the maintenance and reliability field.  Beginning as an apprentice maintenance technician with Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) UK, Gary was seconded to the ICI Manufacturing Technology group where he became trained in reliability centred maintenance, root cause analysis and total productive manufacturing techniques. Gary left ICI after 15 years and emigrated to New Zealand where he became a site reliability engineer at Shell Todd Oil Services in Kapuni. Gary spent three years on site at Shell Kapuni and developed the facilities optimised maintenance program for all site assets. He was also appointed site Apollo RCA Champion. This was followed by five years in Australia with an engineering consulting company, whom he joined in 2003.

In 2009 Gary returned to the UK, were he spent two years with Syngenta as a site reliability engineer. Here he implemented the Apollo Root Cause Analysis process and utilised the Isograph AWB software for reliability improvement and facilitated studies both in the UK and Switzerland. Following his time at Syngenta, Gary returned to consulting with Rockwell Automation and assisted in the development and global roll out of the Rockwell Automation Strategic Maintenance program. Gary later re-joined the Australian consulting company, starting their European operations in 2011, growing the team and customer base across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

In 2018, Gary made the decision to start his own company and is now the Director, Trainer and Facilitator of Pro-Reliability Solutions. The company now has offices in both UK and Ireland.

Gary has delivered various reliability studies, root cause analysis investigations, and maintenance and reliability training courses around the world. These are within numerous industry verticals such as oil and gas, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical, automotive, and general manufacturing companies based both in the UK and overseas.

Gary’s maintenance and reliability engineering experience includes:

  • Weibull data analysis
  • Monte Carlo simulation
  • Failure model library development
  • Strategy optimisation
  • Reliability block diagram development
  • RCM/FMECA facilitation
  • TPM Facilitation
  • Vulnerability assessment and analysis facilitator
  • Maintenance / reliability audit
  • Lubrication best practice

Gary is also author and co-author of several reliability focussed papers and has presented at several global conferences.