Emerging Managers Programme – Starting 13 Feb – €800


For organisations to thrive and develop, it needs its key people to be progressive enablers within the company. Managers need to guard against complacency: being satisfied that they are doing a solid job in their areas of responsibility. They need to learn how to actively grow and develop their people management capabilities. They need to set themselves the challenge of going to the next level of performance as it relates to managing people. They must manage the performance and contribution of their team to ensure that they are consistently delivering on the responsibilities of their roles. When management have these perspectives their energy, commitment and contribution to the organisation’s performance greatly improves.


The Emerging Managers Programme provides participants with a structured framework to ensure that they:
1. Assess themselves against the requirements to be a high performing manager
2. Identify what they need to focus on to move to the next level of management performance
3. Develop the skills to effectively and consistently manage their team’s on-going performance
4. Acquire the skills, disciplines and behaviours to put into place a personal roadmap to go to the next level of management performance.

The impact of the programme will be evident by the increased ability of the managers to manage their team, combined with significantly increased confidence and capabilities in contributing as a high performing manager.

We have designed a programme that offers you a mix of:

• Highly engaging modules ensuring you not only learn the theory but determine ways to apply the skills to your situation
• Peer learning through exercises and simulations so that you can support each other and, in the process, hone your skills further
• Challenging you to develop approaches and disciplines to improve your performance as a manager on a sustained basis

This program is designed to support you as you work to develop and enhance your leadership and management capability. This is an on-going process so let the journey begin!

Immersing yourself in learning means you gain greater value, feel more engaged and enhance your confidence as you share your knowledge. All of these areas have a hugely positive impact not only on you but also on your team. The training workshops are interactive, so you maintain focus and concentration.  This programme also allows you to support each other by holding each other accountable; ensuring people participate and engage, that they challenge constructively, and they support each other each step of the way.


Emerging Managers Programme Content:

  • Module 1: Effective Team Player
  • Module 2: Communicating with Impact
  • Module 3: Understanding Yourself and Others
  • Module  4: Time Management and Decision Making


More information on workshops -> Emerging Managers Programme Overview


Who should attend?

Newly appointed managers, supervisors and team leads taking on additional responsibilities.


Certification: This programme is eligible for QQI Component Certificate Level 5: Managing People and is included in the cost.


This is a 4 day Virtual Classroom Course delivered via  GoToWebinar. Intro session + 4 modules covered over 12 x 90-minute sessions


Programme Introduction: Thursday 9th February, 2.00pm – 3:00pm


Programme Dates: 

Module 1: 13th, 15th & 20th February from 2.00 to 3.30pm each day

Module 2: 22nd, 27th February & 1st March from 2.00 to 3.30pm each day

Module 3: 6th, 8th & 13th March from 2.00 to 3.30pm each day

Module 4: 20th, 22nd & 23rd March from 2.00 to 3.30pm each day


Feedback from previous programs:

  • The training is excellent – interaction strongly encouraged – I would recommend strongly
  • Will recommend my company should send more staff on this course
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the programme, it gave excellent insights into myself and my skills
  • Excellent content made for engaging and thought-provoking sessions, memorable tools and great group dynamics
  • Great course, really relevant to work situation and how best to handle them
  • Found course excellent with a wealth of information and knowledge passed. Would strongly recommend to anyone in or starting a team leader/management role