Infection Control: A Guide to Focused/Thematic Inspections – 28 October

Course Schedule and Duration: 

Online delivery over Zoom on the 28th October, from 9.30am to 1pm


Course Overview:

This short 3.5  hour  online programme is aimed at all staff  identified as infection control link/champions in your organisation and all  staff with infection control input with residents /service users or nurses interested in infection prevention and control standards. The course will  identify key areas relevant to  the new focused HIQA infection control guidelines/inspections commencing October 2021. The course will outline  the actions of Theme I and 2 , as person centred care and effective care  with particular reference to residents input and assessments. In addition  theme 3 will discuss Risk assessments and safety and the importance of  theme 5 with clear leadership and governance in your facility with reference to infection control Huddle,  meetings, Forums, clear communication and accountability within your facility in this area of care provision. We will discuss  Antimicrobial Stewardship/ Surveillance and The investigation of relevant Infections in your facility with the importance of a register to outline and linkage to your assessment and care planning. The course utilises infection control eight themes as a guide: identifying key areas in infection prevention, control and infection control resources in line with standards and use and review of equipment , cleaning schedules and clear accountability will be reviewed. This course will support all staff in identifying their strengths and providing support with short, medium and long-term goals within the role of infection control champions in their clinical area.


Aims and Objectives

  • To outline national and regulatory requirements in relation to ICP practices utilising 8 themes From HIQA infection control standards as a guide
  • Identify Infection Control Action Plan and SMART short, medium, long term goals for the time period identified for your facility with your team and resident’s needs.
  • Implement Audit Schedule in Priority Key areas within the organisation using How, What, When, Where and Who?
  • Discuss the importance of  Contingency  plan and outbreak plan- and location and template
  • Recap on Standard Precautions based on 2018 and 2021 community guidelines inclusive of residents placement, safe injection practices, occupational safety to name a few.
  • Guide Provision to devise and update Infection prevention and control Guidelines based on National and International Standards
  • Discuss the importance of infection prevention and control in the healthcare area, in providing a healthy environment for patients/residents/service users, staff and visitors.
  • Discuss Antimicrobial Stewardship/ Surveillance and The investigation of relevant Infections and the register that is required in each facilities
  • Outline Infection control and relevant re care plans such Resident on Eye drops, self administering of Inhalers, Person with a Catheter, use of retractable needles in all services, link to breathing and circulation and elimination  care plans and all plans as required and indicated  by national standards





Time Topics Covered 
9.30 am Welcome On line introductions-
9.30am-11.05am Link staff/ Champion Overview/staff roles

8 themes- Overview of Infection Control- standards national and internal overview-Background to HIQA (2018) and (2020) ICP in Within  your settings- 8 themes and application in facility

Overview of Feedback from facilities  to date: a snapshot

11.05am-11.30am Infection Control Plan- template provision and overview of each theme / domain using SMART objectives within a timeframe.
11.30aam Comfort break  Practical review of triangulation in this area namely

Observation, Communication and documentation. How these three areas area required to be consistent in our facilities Audit Schedule within 8 themes-Overview Of key Priority Areas

Infection Control Surveillance with the organisation with relevance to antimicrobial stewardship and register. Location and linkage to medication and care plans

12pm-12.15pm Care planning linkage and action plan for our facility
12.15pm-12.30pm Infection Control  Contingency plan/Outbreak Plan- key points and resources available
12.30pm-12.45pm Infection Control Policies and procedure: a guide to updating
12.45pm-13.00pm Action plan as key infection control staff Short/medium/long term goals

Close, Questions & Answers, Evaluation & Feedback.