Module 1 Professional Floristry Certificate – Starting 18 January 2023 – €600

Are you looking to add Floristry Skills to your professional portfolio?  Would a professional qualification in floristry skills enhance your current job role?

This program is only for those currently in employment in this area and looking to upskill.  To be eligible for funding you must be working in the commercial private sector.  Funding is not available to charities and those working in public sector.


Start Date:  18th January 2023

Delivery:  Online both recorded and live sessions

Payment:  Can be paid online or email to issue an invoice for eft payments.  All fees must be paid before 8th January 2023.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to a Career as a Florist

  • Practical -Certificate Work –

    • You will be required to complete 5 Certificate pieces covering different aspects of flower arranging

    • You will be required to demonstrate your skills in making bows

    • You will be required to complete Q & As throughout the program

  • Floral Practical Designs covered on our Module 1 Program

    • Traditional Flower Arrangements

    • Traditional Designs with a modern / contemporary twist

    • Basket Arrangement

    • Modern / Contemporary Table Design

    • Modern / Contemporary Front Facing Designs –

  • You will learn how to condition and handle fresh flowers commercially

  • You will learn about buying, handling and storing foliage

  • You will learn about flower chemicals & where and when to use them

  • You will learn Health & Safety in the retail and studio flower setting.

  • You will learn about buying and sourcing floral sundries and accessories

  • We will supply you with a comprehensive list of fresh flower wholesalers and resources.

  • We will teach you how to buy direct from Holland and will supply you with an access login into these Dutch flower sites

  • We will bring in flower wholesale reps to give you more insights into buying from Holland

  • Our Resource lists are updated all the time and as a student or past student you will always have access to these resources.

  • We will supply you with a list of floral sundry wholesalers in Ireland and the UK

  • We will educate you on the different types of mechanics you can use for designing – floral foam / chicken wire/ moss etc-

  • You will master the skill of bow making, we cover an array of bows on Module 1, you will need to demonstrate your skills for 2 bows for your certificate

  • You will learn how to create a recipe & stem counts for your designs.

  • You will learn how to cost the recipes and use this for multiple orders.

  • You will learn how to price for profit.

  • You will learn how to calculate your retail price in accordance with Industry Standard

  • You will learn about branding your business

  • You will learn how to develop marketing material to start your own business

  • We will bring in outside marketers to help you with marketing & promoting yourself as a florist

  • You will learn the importance of stock control in the flower Industry

  • We will advise you on business setup – VAT – CRO – Insurance.

  • We will advise you on how to develop your portfolio for job applications

  • You will learn about networking and building relationships in the industry

  • You will have live classes with Social Media experts who are focused on the flower industry

  • Live Classes with marketing experts who work within the flower industry

  • Classes with Dutch wholesalers to assist you opening your accounts


During your program you will have full access to your tutorials 24/7 

During your Program you will have 24/7 Access to your Bloom Room

During your Program you will have 1-2-1 access to your tutor from 9am to 3.30pm every day through what’s app or in the Q & A Box in your Bloom Room

You will send step-by-step photos or videos to your tutor for correction by what’s app from 9am to 3.30 pm Monday to Friday.