Professional Diploma in Leadership and Management – Starting 17 Jan – €590

Professional Diploma in Leadership and Management – Starting 17 Jan – €590

Course Introduction:

This course covers a range of topics related to leadership in organisations, and takes a sequential approach. From identifying the needs of an organisation, building and developing teams through to the skills change management and enhancing performance, the course aims to instil in participants an understanding of how a successful and productive environment can be created and sustained long term. The course is designed to be thought-provoking and relevant to current contexts, and makes ample use of case studies and real-life examples.

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this course, the learner should be able to:

o Demonstrate use of models and approaches to describing organisations
o Show clear understanding of people management and planning issues in relation to organisational performance
o Anticipate consequences of management decisions and approaches
o Demonstrate reflection on own experience, practice and planned professional development as a result of this course

Course Modalities:
 Live Online:
o Part-time (evening): once a week, 6.30pm to 9.30pm, 12 weeks

Course Breakdown:
Module What will you learn in this module?

1. Organisations

 Why organisations form
 Why they deliver

2. Getting The Right People

 What is competence?
 Getting the right person

3. Change

 Why change?
 How to survive change

4. Management & Leadership

 What is the difference?
 Why Leadership works

5. Coaching & Mentoring As Managers

 Models of coaching
 Coaching vs. mentoring

6. Teamwork and The Management of Teams

 Teams are not work groups
 Management of teams in a virtual/hybrid environment

7. Getting The Best From Your People 

 Managing performance
 Setting goals
 Enhancing performance

8. Networking

 Who is your network?
 Why network?
 How to go about it

9. Developing Others

 Development plans
 HiPo identifications

10. Difficult Conversations

 Why they are stressful
 Rules for having difficult conversations
 Feedback models
 DESK model of intervention

11. Business Continuity Planning

 Succession in family business
 Succession in organisations
 Being part of the plan

12. Career Planning

 5-year plans
 Choosing a pathway
 Acting on the plan

Course Assessment:

 Live Online & On Campus:
o Weekly learner log (40% of final grade) due at the end of the course
o A 3,000-word written assignment (60% of final grade) due two weeks after the course completion
 On Demand:
Learner log (40% of final grade) and one 3,000-word written assignment (60% of final grade).
Learners can submit any time during the course, but all assessments must be submitted by the end of the course.


UCD Professional Academy courses are not on the NFQ as this is an academic framework. whereas UCD PA are more practical skills building diplomas aimed at working professionals needing courses for career advancement. Thus they do not focus the learning on academic research/writing theses/ but more on the practical application of skills in the workplace. Courses are taught by industry experts in the field focusing on critical skills gaps in industry today. You can read more about UCD PA awards and the companies training with them on their website. There is huge recognition among employers for these qualifications for staff, you can view a recent case study with An Post here.