Professional Diploma in Performance Management – Starting 20 April – €590

Learn the secret to motivating employees while driving business success. Hone your management style and skills and become the type of leader who can strengthen and develop teams through better engagement and empowerment.

Good performance management allows you to bring out the best in people so that they, and the organisation, can benefit. As you look to transition
into management roles, you will be expected to oversee teams. A Professional Diploma in Performance Management is the perfect way to
demonstrate your understanding of the nature and purpose or performance management.

This short and practical course will take you through the different ways to manage performance and show you the common pitfalls to avoid. It will teach you how to inspire better performance, motivate staff, and build better relationships. If you feel daunted by this area of management, there’s no need.
Interpersonal skills such as active listening and effective questioning, goal setting, and giving and receiving feedback can all be learned, and this
course will show you how.

The skills and concepts you learn on this course will better equip you to manage teams and individuals more effectively. They will also help you to answer
interview questions about your management of others in an effective and credible way.



15 hours

Part Time: Evening
1 x 3 hour live online evening class per week over 5 weeks



• Understanding Motivation, Setting Goals, & Defining Roles
• Communication and Feedback Across Teams
• Monitoring & Tracking Progress; Intervention Strategies
• Acknowledging Success & Managing Underperformance
• Approaches to Appraisals, Job Reviews, & Forward Planning for Recruitment



This course is suitable for anyone who is in, or applying for, a management role. This could be early to mid-career managers, or more senior managers
looking to refresh their skills or bring in newer approaches to performance management. You may be a business owner or entrepreneur, a manager or
section head, an HR professional, or someone looking for promotion to a management role.



This course is assessed through a written assignment – a case-study project to be submitted after the end of the course. You will have two weeks following the end of the course to complete and submit the final assignment. The written project should be approximately 3,000 words (that’s about 5 pages of a standard Word document) in length. You will also complete ongoing action learning logs.

Your UCD Professional Academy Diploma will be issued electronically on a secure platform, with a link that you can share with employers and others
wishing to verify your credentials. You’ll also be able to add the diploma to your LinkedIn profile to demonstrate your achievement to your network as
well as recruiters and potential employers searching for individuals with your skills and experience.