Venepuncture – 22 Oct 2021- By Appointment

Date Location Price / Members Price Places Trainer Book Online or Enquire
22nd October 2021 @ 9.30-4.30 Online € 85.00 / € 85.00 2 available Milford Care Centre

This course will be held online. Once nurses are given access to the course, it will take 2-3 hours to complete. They can do it in one sitting or dip in and out of it. They must print the certificate of completion at the end of the course. They will get a final cert of completion after the whole course is completed.

It is recommend once access is gained to moodle site that they don’t leave it until the last couple of days to start the course, as some students find it hard from an IT viewpoint to get into the course sometimes, and there will not be technical support 5 days a week. So it is advised that they log in as soon as they get the details and check that they can access the course without issue. If there are issues then there will be time to resolve this.


Aim: The aim of this programme is to provide the nurse with up to date evidence-based knowledge, skills and competencies to safely and successfully carry out venepuncture for adult patients.

Prerequisite of attendance: Nurses wishing to attend this programme should review the presentations prior to attendance. Please ensure to include your email address on your course

application prior to attendance so presentations for the session can be forwarded to you in advance of the programme for review and printing.


By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Identify key issues in relation to the scope of practice in performing Venepuncture
  • Identify anatomical structures and appropriate choice of sites applicable to Venepuncture
  • Describe the infection control and health and safety principles in relation to the safe clinical practice of Venepuncture
  • Identify the procedure and practitioner’s role in Venepuncture as supported by the HSE National Framework guidelines
  • Have knowledge on the management of problems and potential complications
  • Demonstrate their skill using a safe and effective technique in Venepuncture on the training arms
  • Outline the procedure involved in completing Venepuncture Competency Record Form.