Wellbeing for Managers / Supervisors and Team Leaders – Mar 3rd & 10th

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3rd March 2021 @ 11.00-12.30 Webinar € 35.00 / € 35.00 26 available Spiritual Earth

Two sessions

Dates: 3rd & 10th Mar 
11 – 12.30 
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According to Forbes, Wellbeing is the top Human Resources trend this year.  This is no surprise given the dramatic and rapid transformation in how and where we work and the nature of work we do. The global pandemic and rapid related change are adversely affecting our wellbeing in many ways and also challenging employers in others – to optimise the positive impacts of the changes, minimise or work around difficulties and address challenges whilst operating within changing regulatory frameworks and societal norms.

This series of 2 workshops is ideal for anyone managing staff in this current pandemic.  The workshops offer best practice solutions for Managers and business owners in SMEs, and HR and other managers and team leaders in larger enterprises.

  1. The current context of Wellbeing and Work: Including the shifts and trends in working norms and related positives, challenges and best practices solutions
  2. The Government’s first National Remote Work Strategy- A summary and what it means to employers and employees in the context of wellbeing
  3. Best practices for supporting remote working (for productivity and staff wellbeing)
  4. Wellbeing initiatives and ways of working that support interaction and engagement when most staff are off site / working apart
  5. Case studies and success stories showcasing what is working well in the current context
  6. Strategies to support staff managing added pressures (e.g. home schooling, looking after at risk relatives, other life challenges that have arisen through COVID) whilst WFF
  7. How to support staff feeling isolated
  8. Resources / supports you can offer staff that are stressed / experiencing mental health challenges
  9. Bringing it all together – Action Plan for your business / team