About County Wexford Chamber Skillnet

Your Business is our Business

Who we are?

County Wexford Chamber became a member of the Skillnet Ireland Network in September 2015.  Since then it has built an extensive footprint in the region and has established itself, as a leading training organisation throughout County Wexford and beyond.


The Training Networks Programme

The Training Networks Programme is the main Skillnet Ireland funded programme. The programme supports the activities of enterprise led Learning Networks across a wide range of industry sectors and geographical regions. In addition to the grants awarded by Skillnet Ireland, companies participating in the Skillnet Learning Network also make contributions towards their own training programmes.


Skills Connect

County Wexford Chamber Skillnet supports the workforce development needs of businesses within the South East. We offer a small number/selection of industry-led and fully funded programmes for people who are not in employment, subject to eligibility criteria and the availability of places

Further details of Skills Connect and the eligibility criteria can be found on the Skillnet Ireland website.


What are the Benefits?

  • Cost efficient – subsidised by Skillnet Ireland, avail of discounts of up to 35% on many of our training programmes. Also our training networks have better buying power.
  • Relevant– you can request the training you, your business and staff need
  • Convenient– delivered at a time and a location that suits you
  • Of a high quality – our training networks source the best and most relevant training providers



Important information:

  • Our training networks provide training courses for private sector businesses or commercial semi-state businesses only*
  • We fund training through our training networks – no funding is given directly to individual businesses
  • Member businesses pay subsidised training course fees for their employees – individual employees cannot pay for courses


*If you are a public sector organisation, charity or not-for-profit organisation, or a business based outside the Republic of Ireland, unfortunately you will not be able to Receive training with a Skillnet Ireland network.