HRing for Managers: Understanding the Final Stages in Employment – 13 Nov – €65

HRing for Managers: Understanding the Final Stages in Employment – 13 Nov – €65

HRing for Managers Training Series

Following feedback from HR Leaders, we have recognised a need for businesses to provide training for their Managers in HR processes.  You have told us how you need your managers to have an awareness of procedures, knowledge of language and legislation and an ability to address different situations that arise through the life cycle of an employee.

Aimed at:

All frontline employees, managers and team leaders who have HR/people related responsibilities within your organisation


To provide attendees with the essential knowledge, skills and tools for HR Best Practice throughout the employee lifecycle within your organisation.

Certification:  Pending Accreditation Process by Network, All participants will receive a CPD Certificate


Workshop  –  Understanding the Final Stages in Employment


Date:                               13th November

Time:                              9.30am – 1.30 pm

Location:                       County Wexford Chamber Office, Hill Street, Wexford Town

Cost:                              €65 per person

€50 for companies with 3 or more employees attending workshop

Included:                      HRing for Managers – Workbook with relevant tips, checklists and case studies


Final Stages in Employment
1  Understanding Long-Term Leave:

  • Define and differentiate between various types of long-term leaves, such as medical leave, maternity/paternity leave, and sabbaticals.
  • Identify legal requirements and employer policies related to long-term leave.
  • Determine the process for requesting and managing long-term leave, including documentation and communication.


2  Supporting Employees Toward Retirement:

  • Explore the proactive role of employers in helping employees prepare for retirement.
  • Understand the significance of a retirement-friendly workplace culture and its impact on employee morale and retention.
  • Identify strategies for employers to provide retirement planning resources, financial education, and tools to aid employees in making informed retirement decisions.
  • Discuss the benefits of phased retirement programs, flexible work arrangements, and knowledge transfer initiatives for both employees and the organisation.
  • Develop an action plan for creating a supportive environment that encourages employees to transition into retirement smoothly, maintaining positive relationships and knowledge continuity.


3 Navigating Dismissal and Termination:

  • Describe the legal and ethical considerations when terminating an employee, including just cause and due process.
  • Recognise the common reasons for employee dismissal, such as poor performance, misconduct, or downsizing.
  • Discuss best practices for conducting termination meetings and handling related paperwork.


4 Understanding Redundancy:

  • Define redundancy and its impact on employees and organisations.
  • Explore the legal obligations of employers during redundancy, including consultation and severance pay.
  • Learn strategies for supporting employees during redundancy, such as career transition assistance and outplacement services.


5 Managing Resignations:

  • Identify the signs and reasons behind employee resignations.
  • Discuss strategies for conducting exit interviews and gathering feedback from departing employees.
  • Develop a plan to handle knowledge transfer and ensure a smooth transition when an employee resigns.



Your Workshop Facilitators:

Darerca Flynn – HR Success – Having worked with a variety of businesses in the UK and Ireland in the HR function, Darerca set up HR Success in 2020. Darerca’s aim is to support small businesses who don’t have the capacity or budget to have a full time HR resource. Darerca focuses on providing a bespoke service tailored to an organisation’s values and working style. She works with small businesses to ensure that their HR efforts protect their Brand & business reputation. Darerca focuses on the impact on and the impact of your employees with an emphasis on Personal Connection. This in turn gives you control and confidence in your business.  To find out more about Darerca visit –