L2 Cyber Security Solutions

L2 Cyber Security Solutions was founded in January 2016 by Liam Lynch. The company is based in Rural Tipperary but offers a nationwide service.


Liam has over 30 years of experience working in IT, with at least 20 in infrastructure, networking and security. While he has detailed technical knowledge on the subject of cyber security, he has the ability to be able to relay technical concepts to non-technical people in a plain simple language which they can understand.


L2 Cyber Security offers the following services:

  • Cyber security training and consulting
  • Independent cyber security audits/assessments for small and medium enterprises
  • Data protection (GDPR) training and consulting
  • Business resilience consulting


Contact Liam at info@l2cybersecurity.com or visit https://www.L2CyberSecurity.com for more information.