A skilled workforce contributes to the productivity and effectiveness of your company whilst also contributing to the overall competitiveness of County Wexford.

When employees lack skills that are required for a particular project or job, that’s a skills gap.

With a lack of skilled employees in specific areas, productivity can decline and lead to slower production times, increased operation costs, and other performance issues. On top of that, the skills gap can affect a company’s ability to stay competitive and be a market leader in their field.

No matter the industry sector, a business’s greatest resource is its talent. By following simple actions, you can maximise the full potential of your workforce and boost the competitiveness of your business.


1 Have a clear understanding of your company goals Business goals are an essential part of establishing priorities and setting your company up for success. Taking the time to set goals for your business and create individual objectives to help you reach each goal can greatly increase your ability to achieve those goals.
2 Complete a Training Needs Analysis Conducting a needs analysis can eliminate waste from the training process, so you can save time and money. A needs analysis helps identify individual and team skills gaps, allowing you to source training that focuses on exactly what’s needed to improve performance.

Key questions to ask when completing a needs analysis:

  • What needs to change in your company to meet your business goals?
  • What skills do your staff need?
  • What skills do your staff currently have?
  • What knowledge gaps exist within your team?
  • What training will help you close these training gaps?
3 Contact County Wexford Chamber Skillnet Working closely with the Network Manager, we can help you address the gaps that exist by:

  • Helping you conduct the Training Needs Analysis if required
  • Helping you develop your training plan for the year
  • Sourcing experienced and qualified trainers to deliver relevant high-quality programmes to meet your needs
  • Organising the training to suit your schedule
  • Completing evaluation post training to ensure needs of training were met
4 Implement and Review Now that your employees have the necessary tools and skills to do their jobs more effectively, it is     your role to ensure that the new learning is implemented into the specific roles. In some cases, new procedures and processes may need to be developed for this implementation to occur.

It is important to review the impact at regular intervals to make sure that the training completed is effective. Receiving regular employee feedback can give you a good idea if it is working as it should.  For job specific training, monitoring productivity before and after training, whether that is through improved sales targets or increased production, can also be another way of measuring efficacy.

5 Schedule a follow up call with County Wexford Chamber Skillnet Your training plan should be an on-going process promoting continual improvement within your organisation. It is a good idea to link in with the Network Manager every few months to enable us to help you proactively achieve your goals by supporting your training needs.

Completing a skills gap analysis to identify immediate training needs is an important tool to identify skills-related gaps and needs within your organisation.

At County Wexford Chamber Skillnet, we work with organisations throughout County Wexford to:

  1. Identify and assess immediate skills gap within different sector clusters
  2. Develop tailored programmes to meet specific company needs, schedule and budget
  3. Create and engaging employee experience through providing high quality, interactive learning programmes
  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of each programme in line with the completed a skills gap analysis

Calling owners and managers of Businesses within County Wexford. 

We need your help to identify what training is needed within your sector so we can provide courses that are relevant and meet the overall needs of Enterprises in Wexford. 

We invite to complete a short survey, which will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Training Needs Survey


Let us help you to enhance the skills in your workforce by contacting us today to help you maximise your Talent to support you in achieving your business goals.