Antoinette Kinane

Antoinette is an accredited ICF (International Coaching Federation) ACC (Associate Certified Coach) working with individuals who want to build their mental fitness, work on what is most important in their life as they progress their career.

Antoinette’s most recent experience with coaching was managing and supporting the participants of a FastTrack program as part of her role in the pharmaceutical industry. FastTrack is a talent development program that accelerates the progress of high performing employees, for business roles.

The main development focus of FastTrack was to support 70% experienced learning 20% feedback learning and 10% course learning over 18 months. The program provided structure and tools for the employee, line manager and their HR Rep to develop a tailored and impactful accelerated development plan. Antoinette introduced the coaching element to the program to support each participant as they worked through what they wanted from their career and how they could build this into their plan to achieve their goals.

The coaching GROW model supported them personally as they discovered their own skills, passions, awareness, mindset, blind spots, and personal brand. The goal of FastTrack was to work with individuals to get them ready for their next career opportunity.

Antoinette supported FastTrack from Sept 2019 to Dec 2023 and over the course of five programs she provided both individual coaching sessions and triad practice group coaching sessions.

In addition, Antoinette has provided individual coaching sessions to several people through ICF contact membership and personal connection.


Antoinette’s experience in transition coaching:

Life is all about transition.

Coaching helps to bring clarity and awareness to how we think about change. I genuinely believe that each of us has our inner resource to guide us if we listen closely.


Antoinette is equipped to facilitate and coach in all 6 stages. However, her top 3 are:

  1. Mid-Career Advancement
  2. Executive Coaching
  3. Retirement Planning