Natasha Hughes

Natasha is a specialist in Emotional Intelligence and Executive Coaching, offering a comprehensive range of training and consultancy services. Natasha’s expertise covers individual and organisational development, including one-to-one coaching, mentoring, Emotional Intelligence (EI) assessments, and youth work. Additionally, she provides executive coaching, facilitate EI workshops, conduct various EI assessments, and regularly speak on leadership topics at key events. Natasha’s leadership background, combined with her current coaching activities, has accumulated over 400 hours of coaching and mentoring. More information about Natasha’s services is available on her website: Natasha Hughes – Emotional Intelligence Coach Wexford Ireland


Natasha’s experience in transition coaching:

‘My background encompasses substantial experience in transition coaching, drawn from over 20 years in the corporate sector. Throughout my career, I have held leadership positions across multiple sites in Ireland and the EMEA region. Notably, I served as a Site Manager at BNY Mellon in Wexford, where I led a team of 385 staff members. My roles have frequently involved coaching and mentoring responsibilities, including but not limited to the onboarding of graduates, supporting staff returning from long-term sick leave or maternity leave, and navigating the complexities of redundancy processes for team members under my management.

My personal journey has also enriched my coaching capabilities. Having returned to work after taking three maternity leaves myself, and experiencing a role redundancy, I possess a deep, personal understanding of the challenges and emotions associated with these transitions and as a female in senior leadership positions and challenges this may bring. This first-hand experience allows me to offer empathy and insight that resonate deeply with those undergoing similar changes.

Over the past two years, I have extended my focus to coaching, training and mentoring clients through various stages of transition, as outlined in your program. My approach is informed by both my professional background and my personal experiences, enabling me to provide targeted, empathetic, and effective support to individuals navigating the intricacies of professional and personal transitions.’


Natasha is equipped to facilitate and coach in all 6 stages.  However, her top 4 are:

  1. Executive Coaching
  2. Redundancy Support
  3. Mid-Career Advancement
  4. Parents Returning to Work