Dr. Aine O Dea

Dr. Áine O’Dea brings a distinctive background of clinical expertise, leadership, and research experience to support occupational therapy and allied health leaders. Having trained as an occupational therapist, Áine spent 20 years in public and private sectors with a clinical focus in mental health, child and adolescent health, and adult neurology.

Áine was the first occupational therapist in Ireland to be awarded the prestigious SPHeRE (Structured Population and Health-services Research Education) PhD scholarship from the HRB (Health Research Board). She completed her doctoral studies in the area of Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) with a focus on interventions for DCD and best practices to improve inclusion and participation.

As part of this PhD programme, Áine completed a post-graduate diploma in population health and health services research. Out of this study came mastery over complex topics impacting public health including population health issues, national health policies, health economics, health informatics, and research methodologies.

Determined to help others translate knowledge into practice, Áine provides premium consultancy and supervision services to professionals in leadership across allied health. In this role, she supports continuous professional development, policy implementation, and evidence-based clinical practice.

As a published author and contributor, Aine strives to share high-quality resources in the areas of occupational therapy, clinical supervision, and parent/educator coaching.

Aine is Managing Director of Radiant Consulting, click here to find out more about Aine’s experience and services.


Aine’s experience in transition coaching:

‘I have supported several clients who were moving into a leadership role for the first time in their career, as well as others who were seeking to gain clarity and problem-solve around a transition in their career or role within a company. I have supported numerous allied health professionals to pivot in their career, often setting up their private practices, and I help managers and people in senior roles who maybe be feeling stressed or overwhelmed by the responsibility of defining and implementing a shared vision and inspiring change in others without conflict. I also help people who are frustrated with a lack of recognition from senior management who may have given them feedback regarding the need to enhance their general soft-skills, e.g. communication skills in meeting or when presenting.

The majority of my clients have come to me because they see the value of NeuroLeadership Coaching as an ideal way to help them bridge that soft skills gap, as well as building their resilience to burnout, stress, Work-Life balance impact and other issues.’


Aine is equipped to facilitate and coach in all 6 stages.  However, her top 3 are:

  1.  Mid-Career Advancement
  2.  Executive Coaching
  3.  Parents Returning to Work