Neeve Guinnane


Global, Qualified & Experienced Neuroscience Coach specialising in leadership coaching for women.

Neeve is Founder of ‘Be’ Coaching Solutions which opened in 2019. To find out more about Becoaching Solutions click here.
Neeve coaches clients daily from C suite executives to individual contributors from CEO’s to Start Up’s, solopreneurs and so much more in between. Neeve operates her business from Dublin but have clients from many different cities around the Globe. She has seamlessly integrated neuroscience principles to optomise performance and foster innovation. This venture has enabled her to stay at the forefront of industy trends and as a result to tailor coaching strategies that resonate with the unique challenges of people in business today.

In 2020 with covid Neeve’s business went predominately on line and this model has enabled her to develop this global business model including clients in New York, California, Sofia, Berlin, Dubai, Galway, Dublin, London, Paris, Vienna etc.

Neeve has been coaching through her 23 year career in Human Resources with some of the leading Tech Companies in the world including Facebook and Linkedin.  Her last role in the Tec space from 2013 to Sept 2019 – she was HR Director at Linkedin working directly with the Executives teams across EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) including VP’s, Senior VP’s and their leadership teams. Her role consisted of being a business partner to significant number of these teams where I coached these leaders on various complex topics daily. Neeve also ran group coaching sessions and workshops on multiple relevant topics to help grow and develop their leadership capability. She was able to leverage my understanding of organisational dynamics and strategic leadership to facilitate impactful change and truly believe coaching is a catalyst for real transformation


Neeve’s experience in transition coaching:

‘Being a senior leader in Human Resources for 23+ years, across a number of Tec sectors and in particular Facebook and Linkedin – change was a given. The number of change programmes I was involved in during my time in business is far too excessive to be able to put a number on but it would have exceeded one hundred. With every change programme there would have been dozens of people affected, in multiple different ways.  I was often at the forefront of influencing Organisational design strategies to drive better business performance but I was also then on the other side of managing the change programmes as a result of those decisions. With every change programme some form of transition coaching was necessary with a multitude of leaders and individuals requiring this coaching.  Mostly this would have led to a series of change initiatives that resulted in coaching & training leaders on how to handle the change narrative, supporting the Leaders in implementing these changes across the teams. Coaching was crucial here so the leader learnt how to manage self first, own the message and deliver in a way that was confident, articulate, compliant and compassionate.  On some occasions the change might have impacted individuals, teams or even whole departments whereby their roles become redundant. I would have been part of the transition team to coach & support these individuals through consultation, redeployment or an exit from the business and coached their leaders in how to manage through this change effectively.  The transition coaching may have included someone a person who needed to take new responsibilities, a new role, moved to a new department, got promoted , their role was demoted or they were being exited from the business.  If they were redundant the transition coaching might have included support with moving through the change curve, reviewing cv and linkedin profile, career coaching around what else might be possible, an action plan on steps to take and emotional support to get through this often very difficult change phase.  I would have coached hundred in the transition phase through my years in business and in recent years as part of my own coaching business where I offer a specific redundancy programme to provide this help and support.’


Aine is equipped to facilitate and coach in all 6 stages.  However, her top 3 are:

  1.  Mid-Career Advancement
  2.  Executive Coaching
  3.  Redundancy