The Aspire Training Academy: Mastery of Manufacturing Programme – Pilot – Starting 13 May – €590

The Aspire Training Academy: Mastery of Manufacturing Programme – Pilot – Starting 13 May – €590

County Wexford Chamber Skillnet in Collaboration with organisations within the Manufacturing Sector in County Wexford have developed the Aspire Training Academy – Mastery of Manufacturing Programme.


Programme Overview:

The Mastery of Manufacturing Programme is a comprehensive initiative development by Industry and designed to elevate performance, foster employee engagement, enhance staff retention, and provide robust career progression opportunities within the manufacturing sector.

We are currently looking for 15 to 20 entry level employees to take part in our Pilot Programme which is beginning in May.


Target Audience:

This programme is aimed at individuals within the Manufacturing sector.   It caters to both early-career individuals seeking foundational skills and experienced employees aiming to further develop their knowledge, skills, and competencies in the manufacturing area.


Programme Delivery and Duration:

The programme is delivered through a mix of mandatory blended online learning modules and self-directed learning online modules, ensuring flexibility for participants to engage in learning while managing their employment commitments. Each core module will require students to attend four live 2-hour online webinars where specific aspects of the module will be focused on.  Webinars are scheduled weekly.  This programme is designed to be completed within seven months, allowing participants to progress at a suitable pace that also suits their own personal schedules. The combination of live webinars for the core modules and the elective, self-paced online module facilitates an immersive learning experience.


Overview of Modules:

Core Modules  (All six modules required to be completed)

  1. Communications and Personal Effectiveness in the Workplace
  2. Health and Safety in the Workplace
  3. Principles and Practices of Manufacturing (including Quality Control)
  4. Information Technology for General Operative Staff
  5. Understanding Sustainability Practices
  6. Introduction to LEAN Manufacturing


Elective Modules  (one elective module required to be completed)

  1. Automation in a Manufacturing Environment
  2. Team Leadership in Manufacturing
  3. Quality Standards in Manufacturing Environments


Schedule for Upcoming Programme: Aspire Training Academy Timetable



Assessments for all modules, permit learners to evidence wide ranging knowledge around the role of general operatives and the organisation and sector in which they are employed. Each module is assessed in two parts, project work (40%) and workplace competencies (60%).  Learners will be provided with a detailed assessment brief at the start of each module.

The Mastery of Manufacturing Programme represents a commitment to fostering a workforce that not only meets the current demands of the industry but also anticipates and adapts to future challenges. Through this programme, learners will emerge as proficient, motivated, and forward-thinking individuals, ready to contribute to the continued success and innovation within the Manufacturing sector.


Programme Delivery:

  • Introduction Session will be an in-person session – location TBC
  • All modules will be delivered in a blended learning style, where one class will be in-person and the other 3 online for each module
  • All classes will be recorded and resources accessible on our MOODLE platform
  • 2-hour weekly classes
  • Starting 13th May and finishing on the 18th November




On completion of full programme, participants will receive a Certificate of attendance and identification of skills learnt from County Wexford Chamber Skillnet and the CPD Certification Services.