Progressive College

Progressive College is the leading providers of QQI Accredited Courses in Childcare, Montessori, Healthcare, SNA and Business.

Progressive College is known for one thing above all else – its outstanding tradition of excellence in providing education and training of the highest quality. This tradition goes back nearly 35 years to March 1986 when the college was founded by a team of young Teaching Sisters formerly of Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital at Crumlin in Dublin, Ireland’s premier children’s hospital. As Progressive College grew, the original team members were joined by more former Teaching Sisters and together the expanded group pioneered the development of new courses in childcare, special needs education, and healthcare. These courses were permeated by the ‘Crumlin Culture’ of focussing totally on the needs and well-being of the child, and over succeeding decades Progressive’s child-related courses have been widely imitated by other institutions throughout the country. The College has continued to expand and offer an ever-growing range of new courses while always ensuring that the tradition of quality begun in its early years is not just maintained but continually enhanced.

Today Progressive College is part of the City Education Group and is a leading provider of QQI validated major award programmes in Childcare, Montessori, Healthcare, Special Needs Assistant training and Business. These awards are aligned on the nationally and internationally recognised Irish National Framework of Qualifications and so provide ideal foundations on which to build a successful career. In addition, we also deliver online, quality, affordable college diploma courses in special areas of study. [To ensure your peace of mind, all our courses are fully bonded.]

A range of learning methodologies are available designed to suit various learning styles including full-time, part-time, blended learning and fully online. Whatever the learning style, our aim is to deliver quality courses in an enjoyable and supportive adult environment. Our tutors are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience with learners and will be delighted to assist you in selecting and completing the programme of your choice.

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