Building Resilient and Well Teams – In-Company Programme

Building Resilient and Well Teams – In-Company Programme

In a global survey by PSI in 2019, 85% of HR professionals indicated that resilience is either extremely important or very important for Leaders. Accenture states that “resilience may be the new criterion for professional advancement. In the current world of change, economic uncertainty and intense competitiveness, organisations that instill resilience in their up-and-coming leaders have a clear advantage.” Resilience is even more relevant as a core leadership skill after 2 years of COVID and in this time rapid change, challenge, disruption and transition to a new normal.

The purpose of this programme is to equip managers and leaders with resilience and other core soft skills to enable them to handle the ups and downs of a high-pressured, fast paced, and continuously changing environment and lead and support their teams to do the same.



1 day from 9.30 to 4.30 tailored to meet a specific company’s needs.


Building Resilient Leaders and  Well Teams
This course will prepare managers and leaders for the demands of the workplace. The session will include:

• What is resilience?
• The critical relationship between wellbeing and resilience
• How to develop personal and professional resilience – the resilient mindset
• Resilience strategies for leaders and organisations
• How to Promote a Culture of Resilience and Wellbeing in my team / organisation
• How to coach staff in developing and strengthening resilience
• Building and sustaining motivation and resilience for the future
• Resilience and Work Life Balance
• Bringing it all together – action plan

Who Should Attend:
This course is suitable for leaders, managers and team leaders. This programme will bring you to a greater appreciation and understanding of the critical importance of resilience for sustained high performance at work and practical insights and ways of boosting both your own, and your team’s resilience leading to sustained high performance, increased innovation and a better work life balance for all.


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