HRing for Managers: Performance Management and Employee Development – 24 Sept -€65

HRing for Managers: Performance Management and Employee Development – 24 Sept -€65

HRing for Managers Training Series

Following feedback from HR Leaders, we have recognised a need for businesses to provide training for their Managers in HR processes.  You have told us how you need your managers to have an awareness of procedures, knowledge of language and legislation and an ability to address different situations that arise through the life cycle of an employee.

Aimed at:

All frontline employees, managers and team leaders who have HR/people related responsibilities within your organisation


To provide attendees with the essential knowledge, skills and tools for HR Best Practice throughout the employee lifecycle within your organisation.

Certification:  Pending Accreditation Process by Network, All participants will receive a CPD Certificate


Workshop  – Performance Management and Employee Development


Date:                              24th Sept 2024

Time:                              9.30am – 1.30pm

Location:                       County Wexford Chamber Office, Hill Street, Wexford Town

Cost:                              €65 per person

€50 for companies with 3 or more employees attending workshop

Included:                      HRing for Managers – Workbook with relevant tips, checklists and case studies


Workshop Content:

Performance Management and Employee Development
1 Understand the Principles of Performance Management:

  • Define the concept of performance management and its role in organisational success.
  • Explain the benefits of a well-structured performance management system.
2 Set Clear Performance Expectations:

  • Develop measurable and achievable performance goals and objectives.
  • Communicate performance expectations effectively to employees.
3 Provide Effective Performance Feedback:

  • Offer constructive and timely feedback to employees.
  • Apply strategies for delivering feedback that motivates and improves performance.
4 Create Individual Development Plans (IDPs):

  • Collaborate with employees to identify growth opportunities and career aspirations.
  • Develop personalised IDPs to support employee development.
5 Address Performance Issues Proactively:

  • Identify signs of performance issues and their root causes.
  • Initiate corrective actions and improvement plans when performance falls below expectations.


Your Workshop Facilitators:

Louise Lally, Louise Lally Training Academy –  Louise works with Business owners in the service sector by delivering training and coaching programs to dynamic teams to increase sales and performance across the business. Louise works with large multi site organisations predominantly in consulting them on their people and processes. Through her programs business’s can expect to see results that drive productivity’s, staff engagement , self empowerment and overall improvement in staff retention and profits within the business.


Darerca Flynn – HR Success – Having worked with a variety of businesses in the UK and Ireland in the HR function, Darerca set up HR Success in 2020. Darerca’s aim is to support small businesses who don’t have the capacity or budget to have a full time HR resource. Darerca focuses on providing a bespoke service tailored to an organisation’s values and working style. She works with small businesses to ensure that their HR efforts protect their Brand & business reputation. Darerca focuses on the impact on and the impact of your employees with an emphasis on Personal Connection. This in turn gives you control and confidence in your business.  To find out more about Darerca visit –