Create a Wellbeing Strategy, Policy and Plan for your Organisation – Starting 26 September – €650

Create a Wellbeing Strategy, Policy and Plan for your Organisation  – Starting 26 September – €650

This is a 6-module programme for HR Managers / Senior Leaders with 4 group sessions (including 2 group sessions online and 2 in-person).  Additionally there will be 2 further sessions between each participating organisation and the trainer, an accredited wellbeing expert to help the participant and  their organisation create / strengthen their organisational wellbeing policy, strategy and programme.  


The programme will give you a comprehensive understanding of what wellbeing and wellbeing at work entails; a policy and strategy template and support you to develop your organisation’s wellbeing policy and strategy; a tool kit with many free wellbeing resources and an understanding of wellbeing trends and best practice.   It will also give a comprehensive menu of different wellbeing programme options based on the different pillars of wellbeing that could be done in your business based on your unique needs and goals in terms of wellbeing.



Group Sessions,

Tuesday September 26th, in person at the County Wexford Chamber Office 10.30am to 12.30pm

Tuesday October 10yh and 24th 10.30am to 12.30pm on Zoom

Tuesday November 28th in person, location Wexford Town, TBC – 9:30 to 1 pm

Bespoke On Site Sessions: November 1st to January 31st


2 x One to One Sessions (with the trainer and each organisation) – From November, these sessions will be scheduled directly between the organisation and the trainer at times that suit the organisation.  These sessions can be done as one to one sessions between the programme participant and the trainer or they can be done as group sessions with the trainer and a group from each participating organisation. They can be done on zoom or on site in your office.


Topics covered include:

  • Wellbeing at Work and the 12 pillars of Wellbeing
  • The current challenges to Wellbeing in our world and solutions
  • Current Wellbeing at work trends and best practice
  • Wellbeing and Mental and Emotional Health
  • Workplace Communications and Wellbeing
  • What employers must do, what is ‘good’ to do and what works in terms of wellbeing programmes
  • Wellbeing in times of Change and Uncertainty.
  • Building Resilience and effective stress management
  • Wellbeing and remote, hybrid and flexible working – best practice
  • A comprehensive menu of different wellbeing programme options that you can do in your company (based on the 12 pillars of wellbeing and other factors eg digital wellbeing, flexible working, work life balance, financial wellbeing and mental and physical wellbeing etc)
  • Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) and wellbeing
  • ESG and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Understanding of the different workplace wellbeing accreditations
  • Team Wellbeing and Wellbeing Culture
  • Wellbeing Champions and how to boost engagement in your wellbeing programme


The Wellbeing Toolkit includes: Wellbeing Policy Template and Strategy Template,  Menu of Wellbeing Initiatives and Activities, Wellbeing Survey Templates, Power Points and guidance for leading introductory wellbeing sessions on key topics, and recordings of short relaxation and meditation practices.


By the end of the programme you will have:

  • A wellbeing policy for your organisation
  • A wellbeing strategy for your organisation
  • An understanding of wellbeing, wellbeing at work and related issues
  • An understanding of current trends in wellbeing programmes and what works
  • A wellbeing tool kit – including details of the 12 pillars of wellbeing, powerpoint presentation on different wellbeing themes based on latest trends and best practice, a menu of different potential well being related initiatives to support different pillars, challenges and opportunities – and survey templates,
  • A menu of wellbeing programme options including a list of low cost and no cost wellbeing solutions available and a tool box of FREE resources available
  • A wellbeing plan for the year ahead.
  • Learned what other companies are doing in terms of wellbeing and benefit from their lessons learned

The programme will also give participating organisations the chance to discuss and get ideas and solutions for any wellbeing related challenges they are having.

The first and last group session will be in person.  Two x 2 hour group sessions will be online. The 2 x 2 hour Strategy Sessions can be in person or on line – based on the preference of participants. They can be done as a 1:1s (with the trainer and the programme participant) or they can be done as group sessions with a team from your company.