Leadership Courses

Leadership Courses

Leadership is setting and achieving goals, tackling the competition, and solving problems decisively and quickly.  Leadership provides direction for a company and its workers. Employees need to know the direction in which the company is headed and who to follow to reach the destination. Leadership involves showing workers how to effectively perform their responsibilities and regularly supervising the completion of their tasks.

However, Employees at all levels of the company can lead, and when they do practice great leadership in their work, they will enjoy greater empowerment, resulting in improved performance.

Important skills for effective leaders include but not limited to:

  • Communication
  • Influence and Negotiation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Time and Priority Management
  • People Management
  • Delegation
  • Decision Making

County Wexford Chamber Skillnet works closely with businesses in a variety of sectors to determine the immediate skills gaps in leadership skills within their teams.  Following this we then liaise with our panel of experienced trainers to develop and run courses (in-house and open) to meet these needs.