Lunch & Learn: Effective Problem Solving – 30 April – Free

Lunch & Learn: Effective Problem Solving – 30 April – Free

Effective Problem Solving


From 5-Whys to Cause & Effect

Why Effective Problem Solving is vital to your Business Performance?


In the fast-paced landscape of modern business, effective problem-solving skills stand as a cornerstone for success. From overcoming daily challenges to navigating complex issues, the ability to address problems efficiently and creatively directly impacts organisational performance.

Throughout this 45-minute lunch and learn presentation, we will delve into why honing problem-solving abilities is not just advantageous, but vital for driving business performance to new heights.

We will explore key strategies, best practices, methodologies and practical techniques, as well as real-world examples that illustrate the crucial role problem-solving plays in shaping a thriving and resilient enterprise.


Date:                Tuesday, April 30th

Location:         On-line

Time:               <13:00 to 13:45>

Cost:                Free to Attend


We will discuss:

  • How Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis is a key tool for eliminating defects and identifying solutions to prevent reoccurrences.
  • Root Cause Analysis investigations – from 5 ‘whys’ to Cause and Effect – and what could work best for you.
  • What we need to investigate through trigger points?
  • What is the role of the team and facilitator?
  • Solutions to prevent future reoccurrences of the problem



  • Mark Crosbie: Mark is the Principal Asset Management and Reliability Consultant at Pro-Reliability Solutions Ltd. An experienced Engineer, Coach, Business Manager and Leader, Mark brings over twenty-eight years of extensive international asset, maintenance, reliability and commercial management experience across a range of manufacturing, service, oil and gas and energy industries.


Regardless of the industry, for organizations to remain competitive, their improvement programs require implementation of a uniform and consistent problem-solving methodology.

Moreover, employees should be given the training and tools so that they can problem solve effectively at the coal face.