Welding – Mag/Mig, Arc/Mma and Tig welding processes – In-Company Programmes

Welding – Mag/Mig, Arc/Mma and Tig welding processes – In-Company Programmes

The Welding Academy offers an unique service with their training which is carried out on your site to suit your welding training needs, and getting results 3-4 times faster than the norm.


The Welding Academy does more than follow standards.  They set standards in Production Mag/Mig Welding. Having the Welding Academy as your partner is a wise move.

  • Putting welding procedures and coded weld certs in place to EN standards
  • Training up new Welders
  • Up-skill the Welders you have in areas of quality and output
  • Multi-skilling your maintenance staff
  • Apprenticeships, speed up your apprentices knowledge and ability around the welding of company products.
  • Provides consultancy to companies around improving production quality and output for the company.


The Welding Academy offers from 0.5 days to 3 weeks training courses depending on the company needs. 

From 1-10 people can be trained at a time and they focus on Mag/Mig, Arc/Mma and Tig welding processes.


Advantages of onsite training:

  • Training can be focussed around company products or services
  • Training can be used to improve the quality of what the company is offering and the output of it
  • All trainees are dealt with as individuals, like one to one, and each person is brought to their full potential in the given time
  • Trainees are training on equipment that they are using or will be using after training, so they will be familiar with them after training and know how to get the full potential from the equipment
  • No hassle with employees having to travel to a location away from their everyday location of work.  So it avoids some of the added expensive around training


To book a training programme or to receive a quote, please complete the enquiry form an one of our team will get back to you as quickly as possible.