County Wexford Chamber Skillnet launch a new Activation Programme under Skills Connect



Skills Connect facilitates the rapid reskilling of workers most impacted by COVID-19.



Skills Connect is designed in partnership with enterprise to enhance cross-sector employability and support people who have lost their jobs. It offers free online training programmes and enterprise-led virtual job placements to jobseekers looking for new jobs and careers. This valuable initiative offers individuals the opportunity to develop new skills or reskill, build confidence and access practical on-the-job training.


Following meetings with organisations that work closely with the unemployed market in County Wexford, County Wexford Chamber Skillnet in collaboration with the Community Education Training Centre have developed a 12-week activation programme – Frontline Office and Administration skills.  Starting on the 24th March, this programme is designed to introduce individuals who have no prior experience of working in an office role, to the required knowledge and skills that will provide them with the opportunity to gain employment in entry level administration positions.


It is anticipated that some applicants will have worked previously in the hospitality sector and, due to the downturn brought about during COVID-19 pandemic, now wish to upskill and source employment in an office-based position.  This course will take a 4-phase approach.

  1. Office Administration Technical skills to work effectively in the modern office
  2. Communications skills necessary for office communications
  3. Understanding the business environment and relevant legislation
  4. Preparing for employment in the office environment


Today, those working in office administration are often required to multitask, especially when working in a small to medium enterprise.  Many office workers are expected to have an ever increasing range of skills on which an employer can draw particularly in the area of ICT.  SMEs often rely on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote their businesses and connect with customers and in a competitive environment for employment those with additional knowledge and skills in the used of social media for business and in applications such as Canva for professional posting to social media sites, can provide learners with an edge over the competition.  Many SMEs will also need the Office Administrator to engage in basic bookkeeping and be able to issue invoices and statements to clients as well as allocate payments and issue receipts.  Bookkeeping skills and being able to competently operate bookkeeping software can increase employment opportunities for participants.  The following specialist training is also incorporated into the course to meet these skills demands.

  1. Canva for Business
  2. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – creating professional social media platforms
  3. Introduction to Bookkeeping using TAS Books


Who are eligible for this programme?

  • Unemployed people with an entitlement to a Jobseekers Allowance (JA) or Jobseekers Benefit (JB) payment from the Department of Employment Affairs & Social Protection (DEASP) may retain such payments subject to the Back to Education criteria of that Department.
  • People in receipt of other forms of income support from DEASP may retain such payments subject to the Back to Education criteria of that Department. Other forms of income support include:  Jobseeker’s Credits only, Blind Pension, Disability Allowance, Farm/Fish Assist, Illness Benefit, Invalidity Pension, One-Parent Family Payment, Rural Social Scheme, Supplementary Welfare Allowance, Adult Dependants (of listed schemes)


County Wexford Chamber Skillnet as part of this programme want to give the learners the opportunity to meet prospective employers and over the next few weeks, Network Manager Therese will be connecting with local employers to support this objective.


To find out more about the course click here or if you are an employer with a skills demand for office administrator email Therese –